Skales Debunks Recent Stories Of JoiningTimaya’s Dem Mama Records + MovingInto His House

Hours after News broke that Skales and EME have parted ways; news broke again stating that Skales is currently in talks with Timaya for a record label deal
with Dem Mama Records , the rapper has confirmed to that it is false. However, sources close to Skales revealed that although the rapper is in talks with Timaya, he has another record label offer and is currently weighing his options.
‘He has two deals on the table as we speak, he’s weighing both deals to see which pays him‘, a source discloses.
Skales however says the news is
completely false, explaining that the media has taken his friendship with Timaya out of context.
‘It’s not true. I’m not signed with Timaya or Dem Mama Records. I’m just doing my thing. Timaya is my friend and that’s what it is’, Skales tells 9jawoofer.
Meanwhile, there have been other
reports that Skales currently resides in Timaya’s home in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.
Skales has also denied the report.
‘I go to Timaya’s crib because he’s got a studio and we just vibe. I’ve got a studio too and he comes over. It’s all love around here’, Skales explained.
Skales is currently working on his solo debut album ‘All the Above’.


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