I Want To Quit Music So That i Can Have Time For My Family- Eldee the Don

Eldee the Don has just revealed that he temporarily quit making music so as to have time for his family. A fan had sent Eldee a mail asking him why no one has heard from him in a long while, that he should please return to making music.
Read Eldee’s reply after the cut and let’s read what you think about his decision..
I receive messages like this daily and I am truly honored to have fans who believe in what I bring to the table with my music. I announced in 2012 that “Undeniable” would be my last studio album and sadly I stand by my decision to take a big step back.
This is not to suggest that I wont make music anymore, but that I’ll only make music if it doesn’t get in the way of my family time.
I spent the last 15yrs of my life following my passion, and I am truly humbled by the support I received, and continue to receive from my fans. I intend to put out some new music this summer, by popular demand, and I shall continue to do so as time with my lovely girls permits.
I can’t say thank you enough to everyone that takes time to reach out requesting new material, you are truly appreciated. One luv!


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