God Why Me? I Didn’t Have Sex With Men, Other Girls Are Doing It, Now I’m 40 No Husband.

This life is a mystery. Bad girls end up enjoying best of life and some will later repent and enjoyment continue but what are we going to make of ladies who choose to live right from day one, yet things are not working?
This woman’s situation captures one of such
confusing scenarios. Read her story below:
I’m 40years old today and I’m the saddest
person alive. So I’m writing this letter today to God through your blog hoping somebody
somewhere can help me make sense of my
Dear God,
I’m 40 today and I hate the life you have given me. This isn’t living. Being dead is better than this. Haba God, after my sacrifice, after serving you in truth and in spirit. You bring me shame? I have no money, no kids, no husband and you want me to continue serving you. Haha!
From 18, I served your church till now; when
my mates were busy having séx with their
future husbands I was in church for praise and worship, cleaning chairs, going for revival, visitation, paying my tithes. etc.
Dear God, you no try! If I were you, I would
have blessed me since. I never disobeyed my parents while they were alive. I read my bible daily, I was a virgin till I was 31 for Christ sake. Haba! People told me, leave Ikotun and move to the Island. There are husbands there. I moved, nothing. They told me, change your church, I changed. Still nothing. Lose ur virginity, men don’t like mature virgins, I lost it. Still no man to marry me. What strategy have I not tried.
My mates that aren’t married have money, and if they don’t have money they have kids. Why have you chosen to humiliate me like this? Was I wrong to give up my virginity at 31? Is that why you are not fair to me, if that’s the reason, all my friends and siblings stopped being virgins in their early 20s and they are all married with children . So that can’t be. Or maybe my reward isn’t here on earth. Oya take me, let me rest.
I’m asthmatic, I’m lonely, I’m poor and not
happy. This is too much. Too much Somebody, anybody, please explain to me what I have done wrong. How does God work? Because I can’t seem to make sense of my existence here on earth.