There is Nothing Wrong in Movie Directors Sleeping with Actresses –Aniedi Noba

The popular Nollywood director, Aniedi Awah
Noba who’s the brain behind several top budget movies in the industry and the owner of Noba studio LTD, told Vanguard in an interview that there is no big deal in directors sleeping with actresses. He buttressed his point, saying that after all a man can meet a woman anywhere and do “the thing,” that it’s only a matter of understanding. In his own words;
“If a director is a man and the actress is a
woman and they find themselves attracted to each other, they’re permitted to do anything because they are adults. Where it becomes bad is when one person puts a gun on the other person’s head and make unhealthy demands through some blackmail.
Sexual issues are not things you can really
predict because they are human related.
Anybody can sleep with anybody anywhere in the world as far as it’s an agreeable venture. So if I’m a director and I see an actress and I say I want to sleep with you and the actress agrees I don’t see anything wrong with that.
Where it becomes bad is when I say I will not give you a job until I sleep with you. Now, we over-flog this issue of directors sleeping with actresses. A man will meet a woman anywhere, any day and they will sleep with each other. Let anybody sleep with anybody they want, life goes on. Let’s just do the work”.
*Is he right or Wrong?


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