MUST READ! See How Another Set Of BRAVE CHIBOK Girls Escaped Boko Haram! And What The Sambisa Forest Looks Like!

One of the abducted Chibok schoolgirls who managed to escape from her abductors who held them hostage in Sambisa forest has revealed that the camps they were taken to were all trees and shrubs, with no buildings for shelter.

Some of the escapees during their visit to Gov. Shettima
The 20-year-old student who pleaded anonymity disclosed this to journalist during their visit to Shettima, the governor of Borno state at the Government house in Maiduguri.
The escapee said after they were abducted, the insurgents tore through the forest, avoiding trees and thick shrubs and even when the tyres of the car burst, they kept moving until they got to the place where they said was their destination, adding that there was no visible road leading to the place.
Describing where they were taken to, the escapee said, “The place they took us to after abducting us from the school was all forest with short trees and shrubs everywhere. There is no single building or house there, but there are tents made from plastic sheets in some places. I don’t know if that is where they call Sambisa. Some of the areas are thick and dark; some places have pools of water.”
Explaining how she managed to escape, she said it was when they were asked to go and fetch water the next day that she and some other girls summoned courage and ran as fast as they could, far away from their abductors.
“We ran all day, we kept on running until we got to some place where we were assisted by villagers to get home,” she said.
According to her, she doubted whether the other girls who are still in being held hostage were comfortable there.

It was reported on May 29 that the Borno State Commissioner for Education, Musa Kubo revealed that a total of the 30 escaped girls have reunited with their families.
The Borno state governor had hosted the Chibok School Girls who were lucky to escape from Boko Haram’s den after being kidnapped by the sects in Borno, on April 14.
Governor Shettima promised to relocate the girls to safer schoolsin different states of the nation, from Abuja to Lagos so as to complete their studies.


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