Tonto Dikeh’s New Song ‘Sugar Rush’ Is Her First Good Song

Discouraging belief – that’s the word that defines what many Nigerians feel right now after Tonto Dikeh made good her promise to drop good a single under the now-maligned DB Records. ‘Sugar Rush’, her new single, has countless Nigerians clicking the download button. They do that not because the song is outstanding in melody, but because we all would love to pinch ourselves and listen to the reality of D’banj’s new addition.

Tonto Dikeh, forever the subject of calculated controversy, and the sole attraction of social media attention, has over the past two years tried her hands at music, with little success. Her song ‘Hi’, still resides in the annals of Nigerian entertainment as the worst attempt by a Nigerian within the last half-decade. She’s not only a musical ridicule, she’s also a pariah

Maybe she is just bored, perhaps she is adventurous, or just blind to her ailing lyrical capabilities.
But Tonto, so far has displayed no musical talent. But in comes D’banj, to save the day. Signing up Tonto Dikeh to his DB Records, and slamming every one of his his employees with the Orient-oriented ‘Lee’ suffix in an attempt to rebrand their image.

Tonto Dikeh’s image, ingrained negatively in numerous hearts, will need more than a ‘Lee’ surname to improve on it. She’s called ‘PokoLee’, and now has a new song with the icon that ‘D’banj’ is. Poko Lee is signed to DBLee, which is owned by Banger Lee. Impressive, isn’t it?

Let’s move to the new song, ‘Sugar Rush’. In isolation, it isn’t what many will call a bad song. Neither does it threaten to have a quality that will uproot trees, but it his her best effort yet.

Afforded the luxury and skill of the DB Records members, Tonto’s new song is a good song.

It possesses the basics of a stereotypical Nigerian commercial song – A lyrically shallow verse, a catchy hook, and off course, a danceable beat. Add the endless hours of promotion and the amount of cash that would change hands, and you’ll have a hit on your hands. D’banj, thou art the hero of Tonto’s career.

Finally, let’s cast our minds to the little matter of ‘Sugar Rush’ having elements of the Dorobucci sound. Yes I admit there are certain similarities, which off course will be amplified by the tendency of humans to dwell on anything that affords them the opportunity to entertain themselves.
But for me, it’s just the beat. It has a striking similarity to Don Jazzy’s and that’s where it ends. But even at that, there’s no cause to take up arms and ridicule D’banj, because in Nigeria, there’s no new beat. Every beat is a recycled beat, infused with a few novel elements.
That’s what the good wise folks at DB Records have done. It’s fair, it’s square, it makes for good business. But above all, it has done some good in the life of Tonto Dikeh.

Let’s leave it at that, because when it all comes down to the basics, Tonto Dikeh has a good song, history has been made, and the world seems a better place for her.


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