Olamide F*cked Up: See What He Wore To Dr SID Wedding (See Photo)

The Above Picture is Olamide at Dr. Sid and Simi’s White wedding on the 2nd of August 2014.
Yes, That particular day, Social media was all buzzing having pictures here and there from the wedding of Doro Dr Sid and Sister Simi, in Lagos Nigeria. .Yes, This event has come and gone, but there was this particular thing that caught my
attention!! Almost all celebrities were looking tushed and glamorous for the big wedding with their different kinda style and outfit, but our very own baddo, Olamide chose to play offside.

Seriously, somebody should tell me what Olamide was wearing in this picture! As in…C’mmon it was a wedding for crying out loud respect baddo to the fullest! Bro. .Your still the best, but lets call a spade a spade!

Where have we seen this kind before? Basketball Bulls Jersey, face cap worn backwards, sunglasses, open zip tight- nee pants and school bag. Nawa oh! Few days ago on his Instagram page, he posted the below picture, rocking the same outfit!! which leaves me thinking “Is he repeating cloth?”.


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