EVD!!! Expert cautions against using salt as Ebola treatment

An epidemiologist with the Kwara State ministry of
health, Dr Michael Oguntoye, on Friday cautioned
against the use of salt for the treatment of the Ebola Virus Disease. Oguntoye also advised Nigerians to beware of GSM text messages asking them to bath and drink salt solution as a preventive medicine against the dreaded virus.

The expert on Public Health told the News Agency of Nigeria in Ilorin that he had received such messages and calls from people asking for the authenticity of the claim.

He said the claim had not been medically proven that bathing with salt and drinking salt solution could cure or protect one from the Ebola virus.
He said, “Ebola disease is contracted through close contact with blood, saliva, sweat, semen or
secretions from organs of infected individuals and
animals. “People are only advised to disinfect their
surroundings with one cup of Jik in nine cups of
water solution in all their surrounding daily.”
According to the epidemiologist, there is no evidence to show that drinking salt can kill the virus.

Oguntoye also warned people against using Jik
solution to bath, adding that the solution is only to
disinfect the surroundings against the virus.

The expert reiterated that the virus is deadly with
high mortality rate and no known cure. NAN reports that the outbreak of the Ebola virus had
sickened 1,711 people and killed 932, according to
World Health Organisation.

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