Sex Is Good: 5 Reasons You Should Have Sex More Frequently


Sex is good, very good.
No matter what you think of it, sex is just one
thing, which is why some folks cannot seem to get
enough of it.
Interestingly, a few people however see sex as
nothing but an exercise for pro-creation.
If you’re not making babies, then there is no point
to having sex.
The truth is that sex is not as pleasurable as it is
healthy and a very active sex life — where health
risks are eliminated, has many benefits for you as
a person.
The following are some of the benefits of sex:
Sex keeps you fit: The physical exertion during sex
is the same thing as a gym workout which keeps
you in shape. Having sex regularly keeps your
weight in check because you can burn up to 250
calories in an hour of sex. All major muscles in
your body also get exercised during sex.
Sex relaxes you and lifts your your mood: During
sex, especially when you have an orgasm, your
body releases hormones, oxytocin in women,
which generates emotional feelings such as
warmth and nurturing. Sex also triggers the
release of endorphins (feel-good chemicals)
secreted that act as effective painkillers and takes
pressure off the brain. Haven’t you wondered why
you usually feel relaxed after having good sex
with someone you actually have feeling for?
Sex protects your heart, boosts your immunity and
makes you live longer: Regular sex can help raise
the level of testosterone which is said to protect
the heart.
Sex keeps your skin fresh… makes you look young
always: According to scientists sex is an aerobic
form of exercise and having regular sex can make
you look between four and seven years younger
than your real age. During sex, blood being
pumped around the body pushes up fresher skin
cells to the surface of the skin — you then maintain
an ever young appearance.
Sex boosts your immunity: Scientists have proven
that regular sex also helps improve stimulate your
immune system.
So go there and make love because sex is more
than procreation. It is an act of love that can also
have immense health benefits for you.


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