Interview With Nigerian Indegenous Rapper Blacktone



Birth name: Omotoyosi Ishola Onabajo
Birth date: August 31st 1990
Genres: Hip pop
Occupation: Rapper, singer, song writer
Instruments: Vocal
Labels: ICE records [former]  TPB records [current]
Associated acts: SD Nokia

Omotoyosi Ishola Onabajo, born on August 31st 1990, popularly known by his stage name BLACKTONE, Is a Nigerian Yoruba rapper.
He rose to prominence in 2011 when his song “BUYENYEN PRODUCED BY SWITHCBEAT” became popular in his hometown.
Blactone become locally recognise and continue recording good music for the regional audience.
Blactone discovered his producer “ADEBISI ADEBAYO” popularly  known as “SWITCHBEAT” in 2011 and continue recording several music that he won “THE BEST RAPER AWARD” award at ondo, also he had an accident when coming back home.. But he says he had the passion and love for music and he wouldn’t retreat.



               BEST RAPPER AWARD

BIOGRAPHY: His name is Omotoyosi Ishola Onabajo, born on August 31st 1990, popularly known by his stage name BLACKTONE, a Nigerian, Yoruba Tribe, he started music in 2001, his first recorded song was PASS ME THE GINGER produced by HANSY (2008) before he met TIMIO and recorded THANK GOD (2009) then he met AMMA ZWAGIE producing “IYAWO MI” then finally SWITCH BEAT producing many songs like “BUYENYEN” “PARKWELL” “OMUTI” “JUST SONG”.


He also went for interview at SUPER SCREEN TELEVISION by 2014.. he always likes to be with his friend “SD NOKIA” And his team “TEAM PLAY BOY” A team of Blactone with SD Nokia, Switch, HBS, Kiddo, and others.


Q: People say sort of things about you and nokia, they say he’s your bro and also they wants to know who he really is

A:  NOFIU OLAYINKA popularly known as SD NOKIA is just my close friend, we roll together we do things together and he is the one that back me up on STAGE.

more pictures of blacktone


   <strong>BLACKTONE AND SD NOKIA</strong>

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