NextToBlow Interview With Ok Sexy

Gabriel Fred, Popularly Known Has Ok Sexy, A Nigerian Indegenous, Singer Who Hails From Edo State Got Interviewed by 9jawoofer..
Read The Interview Below
Q: Kindly Introduc Yourself To Us
A: I’m Gabriel Fred, Popularly Known For Singing Has Ok Sexy
Q: Since When Have You Started Music?
A: I’v been in music since 2003
Q: Have you got any award since you started?
A: Not really but I believe soon
Q: What’s your first song tillte?
A: Je kin gbe si e leti, produced by 502
Q: How far are you in your education?
A: Actually I’m a graduate, but dropped cos there is no one to help me further more
Q: How is it with you working with your producer and other musicians you have worked with
A: Those are. Ajimovoix, femzy, I feel good cos dey give me what I want
Q: How are you coping with your female fans?
A: Well, I cope Ok.
Q: So, what is Ok sexy Upto now?
A: I just want my single to blow.
Q: How are you working on it?
A: I’m just trying, doing it little by little, cos I’m not under any record label for now
Q: Which top artist would you like to work with?
A: 2baba
Q: Got any album yet?
A: I have more than one, but can’t drop it wothout my single blown
Q: How many tracks have u got?
A: more than 20, like, dance with me, my best thing, vanilla, and others
Q: Which of ur track is ur Fav?
A: The track I did with my baby girl, blessing.. Titled Le Plaster
Q: What Would you say about Nigerian Music Industry?
A: Well we’re moving, its just that if u don’t have money u won’t move; but we pray for God’s mercy so we can blow altogether
Q: What Do You Have to say to ur fans?
A: Well, I dnt av anything to say but, as u download my song, may God continue to bless y’all, I appreciate, and also Joy to u all.

See Two More Photos Of Ok Sexy #NextToBlow

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